School Year So Far

Hello Nighthawks!

Well, our school year has gotten off to a great start. In Junior High we have 8 students, four seventh graders and four eighth graders.

In Math we are using our math texts which coincide with each other but the eighth grade work has greater rigor and of course is a bit harder. After a brief review we dove into number theory and mathematical patterns and Algebra using their applications in word problems because, as I have said, " In real life, all math is word problems."  
Speaking of which, here's a word problem:

                                                                                    +  ELF
                                                                                  =  FOOL
                                     See if you can't figure this one out.  Ask your child to help.

We have been reading both expository texts that explain and describe all types of subjects as well as fictional text which tell stories. We have had many discussions in the meaning of the text or theme of the story to encourage greater understanding and develop analytical skills.

In Writing we have already done several essays starting with an autobiography and continuing with comparing and contrasting two works by author Jack London.
The students have also created a Teen Superhero in a short work of fiction which made for fun reading.

In Science our groups have looked at devices that hummed and dinged and tried to recreate them using their own designs which involved a lot of higher level learning even by our youngest scientists. They created powered miniature go carts that traveled in a straight line and then drove in circles. Way cool!

It is hard to believe that we are already six weeks into the school year with more to come.

All the best,

Mr. T

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