Welcome Back!

Welcome back Nighthawks!

As we begin the second half of the school year (Boy! is this year flying by)  I want to wish all of year a happy and healthy New Year.

We begin the third quarter with a review of procedures and expectations in order to maximize our learning in the time we have.
 In Reading we will look at Setting and how it impacts the tone and mood or a text. Setting can be found, not only in fiction but in non-fiction as well. We will practice starting our own tales by establishing a Setting.

In Math the 8th grade explore If /Then statements and establish if the arguments are valid by identifying the converse, inverse and contrapositive of the statements. While there are no numbers involved in this objective it increases our skill in using logic to solve problems.

" If Mr T. is the teacher, then he is handsome."  True or false?

In 7th Grade Math we will learn to calculate probability of events, whether they are the toss of a coin or the  number of times we can roll a seven with a pair of dice. (Then it's on to Vegas)

In Writing we are working on our speeches for the upcoming contest and everyone is excited about presenting them to the school.

Finally, in Social Studies we are going to study the three branches of the federal government and their functions including the complex system of checks and balances. Hopefully this will give us a better understanding of how our government works.

A busy and exciting week in our classroom.

All the best,

Mr. T.