Emergency School Information

This webpage will be used to provide information to the Nighthawk Nation when it becomes necessary. Thank you for your support.

The safety and security of all students and staff is our highest priority.  All district staff members and students receive training in a variety of emergency scenarios.

For more information of the COVID-19 please click on the links: 

       https://www.azdhs.gov/index.php (Arizona Department of Health Services)

       http://www.yavapai.us/chs (Yavapai County Community Health Services)

In ​accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS), 15-341 (A​​) (32), YESD has emergency response plans that have been developed by district teams to ensure that we meet emergency response preparedness guidelines established by the Arizona Department of Education and the Arizona Division of Emergency Management.

In the event that we have an emergency situation, parents/guardians will be notified once the immediate threat has passed.  Please do not rush to the school until we have notified you.

In case of an evacuation, parents/guardians will be notified where and when to pick up students.  Students will only be released to contacts listed on the child's form and with proper identification.  Please have your own plan in place if you are unable to pick up your child.

If school is delayed, suspended, or dismissed early for emergency reasons, notification will be sent out via email and the school website.  Staff will make an attempt to contact parents by phone.  Please make sure all your emergency contact information is up to date with the school office.

As always, YESD understands that each family has their own driving decisions to make and we will be flexible on these days in regard to varying attendance decisions.

Please see the attached emergency information below and under the Wellness and Nutrition link on the left hand side of the page.

emergency information 02-01-2023.pdf

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