Going On

December 8, 2022: Muffins and Hot Chocolate in the morning! Thank to Mrs. Ender and Mrs. Foote for the muffins and hot chocolate and to our Model Creek families for taking time in the your morning to join our student for breakfast! So incredible to see so many of you here!

A special thank you to the Peeples Valley Fire Department for their most generous donation of books! Every student was able to choose a packet of books and items of their liking.

New Coats Available for Students - As normal at the holidays YCESA has donors who have provided boxes and boxes of coats to be given to students throughout the county, who might need one. They come in various sizes, colors and styles. Our nurse, Amy Christensen, picked up several jackets and sweatshirts that have been given to our students. Thank you YCESA and Amy.