Financial Information

Arizona School Tax Credit Donation: The state of Arizona has a law that benefits both taxpayers and school children. The tax credit reduces your liability for your Arizona State income tax by the amount you donate. Individuals can donate $200.00 and married couples can donate $400.00. It's a win-win for you and our school!

How it works. The tax credit reduces your tax liability by the amount you donate. If you donate $400.00, you reduce your Arizona state tax bill by $400.00. If you expect a refund, it will be $400.00 higher. If you don’t pay state income tax, you can’t reduce your liability below $0. The form you use for this credit is Arizona Income Tax form 322.

There are so many programs in need of support. In the past, tax credit funds have helped cover the cost of field trips, sports, character counts, admission to plays, zoos, and museums. Tax credit donations make possible a wide range of learning opportunities that our children would not otherwise have. Remember, you don’t have to have a child in the school to benefit from this tax credit.

Download and print the Tax Credit Form on this page. Please make checks payable to Yarnell Elementary School District. Checks can be mailed to 18912 Hays Ranch Road, Peeples Valley, AZ 86332 or delivered in person to our school office between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm, Tuesday - Friday.

AZ Tax Credit Form.pdf

Grant Information:

Model Creek School has a school wide Title I Program. The district has Title I, Title II, and Title IV grants to help support the needs of all of our students.

For FY23, the district was awarded the Arizona Community Foundation Award to support Art and Music instruction. The district was also awarded the Gila River Indian Community Grant. This grant will further support Art and Music instruction for the full year, along with having a Librarian and Librarian Assistant for two partial days a week, funding to retain an instructional assistant for part of the school year, and funding for our principal. Thank you to both these organizations for their contributions to YESD, to Denise Roggio for helping with the grants, and to the Barbara Fox-Thomas and the County Board of Supervisor for their support in obtaining the Gila River Indian Community Grant.

October 8, 2022 Town Hall Meeting: Presentation of the Gila River Indian Community Grant by Supervisor Harry Oberg to Lori Bomar for Model Creek School.