Contact Info

Public Records requests maybe addressed to Allison Ender or Lori Bomar at the email addresses below. The school phone number is also listed below.

Lori Bomar, Head Teacher / Administrator Email:

Allison Ender, Principal / Administrator Email:

Karen Fisher, Teacher on Assignment / Teacher Email:

Deanna Hurst, Administrative Assistant / Title IX Coordinator Email:

Linda Perroud, Special Education Coordinator / Teacher Email:

Cheryl Tupper and Ed Fisher, Information Technicians Email:

Contact Information

Our address is Model Creek School, 18912 Hays Ranch Road, Peeples Valley, AZ 86332

Phone: 928-427-3347

fax 928-427-3348

It is important that we work with our legislative leaders to better support our children and community.

YESD is in legislative district 1 and congressional district 2.

Please contact them at:

Governor Doug Ducey – 602-542-4331 or email Governor Ducey at

State Capitol, 1700 West Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Senator Karen Fann, Senate President – 602-926-5874 or email Senator Fann at

Assistant: Adrian Luth 602.926.5300

Rep. Judy Burges – 602-926-3256 or email Representative Burges at

Rep. Quang H. Nguyen – 602- 926-3258 or email Representative Nguyen at