Welcome to Model Creek School - Yarnell Elementary School District #52.

Our school has implemented the Stop and Think Program on our campus.  The program helps with the on-going recovery needs of students and helps to maintain a safe learning environment.  The counselor, social worker, and the behavioral intervention specialist work with staff and students to improve student achievement by improving classroom engagement by correcting inappropriate student behaviors while encouraging good choices, promoting team building skills, increasing self-esteem, and promoting problem solving strategies.  Mrs. Walker is on campus on Fridays, Mrs. Jones is on campus Tuesdays and Fridays, and Mrs. Powell is on campus Tuesdays - Fridays. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Mrs. Walker.

Rule: "You will protect each other's privilege to receive an education free of harmful words, actions, or disruptive behaviors."

Students should be working at home on math facts and reading at home on a daily basis. is a great math website for students to practice skills that are aligned to the state standards.  Students will need to use their Model Creek usernames to log-in.  Practice arrays and multiplication facts:                                                          

If you would like more information on the Arizona State Standards please visit and click on the standards link.

Dear Model Creek Families,


As administrators of Model Creek School, we are pleased to welcome new and returning students and families to the 2023-2024 school year! The entire staff at Model Creek looks forward to working with your student(s). We have been busy preparing for a successful school year. At this time, special events have yet to be determined.


New Staff

We are delighted to announce new staff joining our Model Creek team. Please help us welcome them to our school!


●  Mr. Evan McFarland will teach 4-8 math and PE for all grade levels.

           ●    Mrs. Jodie Apolinar will teach 2-3 grades.

●  Mrs. Katie Neate will be our Special Education Coordinator.

●  Ms. Hunter Bartlett will be supporting our students as a paraprofessional.

●  Mr. Mark Undiano is our new facility manager.

   **We are excited to announce, Model Creek will be participating in a county grant which will provide our students access to a school nurse two days a week.  We welcome Mrs. Bethany Strickland - she will be on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Infinite Campus

As you are aware, Model Creek has implemented a new student information system. The parent portal will allow Model Creek families the ability to access in-time information regarding their student(s). You can see your student’s attendance, grades, announcements/upcoming events, and directly communicate with staff through email.


Model Creek will continue to use Class Dojo. We encourage you to connect with your student’s teacher(s), the school, and the office. It is a great tool to receive in-time information regarding school events.



Last fall, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Department conducted a threat assessment of Model Creek. Based on their recommendations, Model Creek implemented those adjustments with the assistance of the Peeples Valley Fire Department.  The plan will be reviewed with YCSO and Peeples Valley Fire Department staff.



The Model Creek PTSO is still disbanded. If you are interested in helping create a new organization, please let us know.



We are starting the year with both an AM and PM bus run.  Thank you to Mrs. Chelsey Stone.  Mr. Mark Undiano will also help with transportation as needed.


Please feel free to contact us with any comments, concerns, or questions at 928-427-3347 or or We look forward to an exciting and successful school year.




School Administration

Please see the organizational chart on the contact page.