Cool, Kind, and Confident Kids

This year Mrs. Brockelman and the staff will be focusing on our school motto of cool, kind, and confident kids. Our messaging includes what it looks like, feels like, and sounds like to be cool, kind, and confident in the: hallway, classroom, bathroom, cafeteria, gym/specials, recess, bus, and clubs/sports/field trips. Most importantly, we strive for our students to be cool, kind, and confident with all MC adults, students, and self. 

Together we can grow our students to be Cool, Confident, and Kind!

Stop and Think Program


“No one would think to bring a dog to a school to talk about not taking drugs. It was smart and the dog made everyone smile” Liyra, 4th grader at Model Creek Elementary.

As our school celebrated Red Ribbon Week 2022, we had the privilege of hosting POWER PUP, Miss Ivy and Miss Nikki on Friday. It was a fabulous wrap up to our week of encouraging our students to live a drug free life. MATFORCE helped greatly by providing daily giveaways (bookmarks, red ribbons, drug free contracts for the students to proudly sign) as well as quality, age appropriate worksheets they brought with them.

Part of our curriculum here at Model Creek involves how to handle stress in positive ways, how to properly fuel our bodies with good nutrition and be proactive in our life choices to be as successful as we can be. It was truly encouraging to our staff to have the MATFORCE team reinforce all three of those values as to their relation to living a drug free life. The presentations were age appropriate, engaging and as you can see in the photo we wore POWER PUP out! The reality of drug use and abuse in Yavapai County is tragic and to know there are organizations such as MATFORCE out there being proactive about educating the community of the dangers, is a great thing. We are privileged to be working alongside them.

Our students have continued the conversation amongst themselves even after Red Ribbon Week. Thank you MATFORCE!!!